A book, a walk and a box

Our first real meeting was ten days ago.

We had met online at the virtually there exhibition when the children visited it but this time I got to put names with faces!

It was a wonderfully dry day.

After we had a chat in the class room we started making our natebooks that we will need for all our notes, ideas and findings. We folded graph paper and regular paper. We made a black card cover and later on we sewed all these together with some lovely red waxed thread.

sewing book

Seeing that is was so lovely out (although the mountains were still covered with snow) we went on a lovely walk across the village to one of the old schools that used to be in Ardfert.

Ardfert National school used to be 4 different schools and this is the starting point for our virtually there investigations!

It was a lovely ten minute walk and time to get to know each other a bit better as well. We entered the gate of the old school house (which is now a holiday home) and talked about our first impressions. Then we stepped out he perimeter and when we came back to where we started we gathered how many steps it took different people to walk around the school, we discovered that our steps are different.


but it did give us something we did not know about this mystery place. we tried to guess what else the old school house was not showing us, like how many fireplaces they might have had, although we could not find any chimneys, so that remains a mystery. We counted the windows, the doors and anything else we could find. and went around a few more times in search of any mysterious objects. which all, instead of giving us answers, brought us more questions.



Mystery objects; although we eventually guessed, through process of elimination, that the one on the right was for cleaning your boots. we might go looking for some mystery objects and strange corners in our own schools and houses because its easy to find them in old and unfamiliar places but we overlook them in places we know so well.

how many steps

When we got back to the school and had something lovely to eat we were ready to do some inside measuring. It was great fun and much harder than you would think tho guess the size of the classroom.

IMG_3509 copy

But we used a gadget called a DISTO to get some handy and precise measurements. Taking measurements is just another way of discovering things about a space and can be very surprising. and we talked about floor plans and different views of a room.

And to make things a little more complicated we went folding! We are going to try and make lots of boxes and use them as building blocks for an ongoing part of the project. Origami gets easier the more you do it so its a good thing we want lots of them!


looking forward to the next session online this Thursday!













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