photo’s, x-ray vision and the like

In our last session we looked at the boxes we built and how we could take interesting photographs of these spaces, there are lots of options for angles and light to be considered and the different groups all had a go at it.

example 1 sm example 5 sm example 6 example 7 sm

We also looked at something called Amodal Percepetion.

We just call it X-ray vision!

it is where you look at say, the table in front of you, and although you can only see maybe two legs or bits of three of them, you know that there are four legs. Your mind fills in the blanks…

so for instance: this drawing I made by standing on the treshold of my kitchen, everything on the right of the red line is what I saw and everything left of the red line is what my mind knew to be there. Each group in the class had a good at using their x-ray vision too!

amodal  detail


One of the main things of today was discuss all that we had done so far and all that we could do with that! so in the groups the children came and chatted to me about all the possibilities that we might not looked at yet. so we discussed the boxes we have been folding..

boxes 2 sm


The map, the other built boxes, the writing and the drawings and the traces, to name but a few. there was some wonderful brainstorming with brilliant ideas for the last two weeks ahead.

Last but not least the groups did some writing about the ideas of history and what it “actually” is. we had devised some start of questions to help the thinking along. I haven’t read or seen the writing yet so am bursting with curiosity!


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