Week Three

Our second virtual meeting took place yesterday 12th February. Our session began with Vanya talking to the children about traces and marks of human life. She showed them a photo of a radiator that had some paint knocked off to demonstrate what she was talking about.

The children in groups would later go around the school, search for traces of human life and take photographs of their findings. Here are some examples of what they found:

trace12 trace11 trace10 trace9 trace8 trace7 trace6 trace5 trace4 trace3 trace2 trace1

These were some good examples of traces of human life and showed that the children understood the concept well.

A second activity that the children took part in was tracing a map of the village of Ardfert from the whiteboard onto tracing paper. The map was divided in four sections so that each group would get an opportunity to trace a part of it.

map1 map2

The third activity that the children took part in was finishing a picture that they had been provided with a part of.

finpic1 finpic2 finpic3 finpic4

The last activity was tearing up cardboard boxes that they had brought in.

tearing1 tearing2

Vanya then spoke to the children about the different ways that we can record the passing of time and how we can describe history. Some children gave their ideas to her.

time1 time2

The children enjoyed the session and it was great to have a selection of activities as it kept them working.

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