March 19th – Second last session

Today’s session began with the children looking at their fingerprints. Vanya had sent on a picture of a fingerprint so I put it on the interactive whiteboard. It was very interesting for the children to see as I’m pretty sure that not very many of them had taken much time to study their fingerprints before.

They used a magnifying glass to get a better look at the lines on their thumbs and some of them used chalk to make the lines stand out. They then attempted to draw their thumb print on a sheet of white paper. They exaggerated the print by making it as big as they could.

Jamie discussing his fingerprint with Vanya
Jamie discussing his fingerprint with Vanya
Large prints
Large prints









Everybody have a good look at their fingers!




Here are some of the children’s drawings of their finger prints:









Another activity that we tried today was the children in their groups got a minute to make the most interesting shape with the origami boxes. This proved difficult enough for some of the groups because of the time restriction.

print 10 print9 print8 print7

The third activity of the day was working on the map of Ardfert. The children coloured in some parts of the map.

print11 print 12

While others wrote out questions and rules for the map which would soon become a boardgame.

print 13 print 14

All the children got a chance to ley Vanya know how they were getting on with the activities and to tell her their ideas for the boardgame.

print 15

Here are some of the children’s ideas on the board game questions and rules:

print 16             print17

Another enjoyable session full of many tasks and challenges.

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