Listening…. a little more deeply to our environment and each other. Session 3

Last week we collected sounds from the environment around us.

Here is the exercise that we set for each other.

Find a place begin. Gather and pause. 

Listen for 3 minutes, listen and hear sounds that are loud and quiet, near and far. 

Find a sound that interests you.

Create sounds by using your bodies (hands and feet, etc). 

Collect sounds that are quiet and loud, fast and slow, soft and strong, rough and smooth. 

Use natural and man made materials of our own environment. 

Think about the sounds that the leaf might encounter on its journey.



We listen to each other’s sounds.

My body tingles, wriggles and shifts to the changing sounds.

Listen to some of the sounds I collected. Can you hear the bells of St. Anne’s? They are quite famous here in Cork.

See and listen to some of the sounds the children collected.

In partners and trios the children worked on their leaf dances a little more, teaching each other their favourite moves and finding new and different ways of working together.


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