Our final session for 2016…. We dance the year out! Session 4

We have gathered and collected during this Autumn/ Winter period.

We have listened and created sound out in our own environments.

We have moved and touched.

In my own practice, I am looking at how I can engage the senses and natural materials (leaves) in my movement.

I note how beautiful this time of year has been for our trees. It has been a particularly dry and calm Autumn/ Winter. Trees are displaying beautiful colours right into the belly of Winter.

The colours of Autumn/ Winter 2016

I want to spend time outside. I feel supported and encouraged to do this because of the mild weather.

I really enjoy observing and appreciating the children’s partner dances.

Partner dance

We play with bringing the dances and the sound scores together.

Are you excited about seeing these?

We will reveal them slowly during 2017.

Revealing and unfolding our dance and journey together is an important element of our relationship.

Revealing the chestnut.
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