Hello to us and 2017 – Session 5

Taking time in January together, Miss Kyle and I reclaim the shared intentions for our collaboration.  Continue to ‘go outside’ and engage the senses.

Miss Kyle tells me that this term the children will develop their skills and creativity in writing poems (sensory poems).

I wonder to myself as I look into my screen now at the classroom, the eager children and Miss Kyle how I can maybe hold an intention of not always seeking to express something by its ‘appearance’ and ‘look’. Is it possible to express the layers of something, which include my response in my whole sensory engagement with my experience?

Inside – my own own body and

Outside – to the natural and built outdoor environment of the school.
Scavenger hunters – we go out. We go out to find, seek out, track and capture.

The found treasure of my hunt outside
 Found something!

I have a need to address a question for myself; what other possibilities are there of recording our hunting and tracking of the senses? Perhaps recording our dialogue as we move about and discover, drawings, drop the experience into our own memory bank, share it with someone else, photograph, video, etc.

I have brought some cut grass back with me. I want to tell the children what it smells like for me right now. I bring it to my nose.

Cut grass

Perhaps I have more questions today then usual as I track and try to find my way back in to our work together……… But that feels ok.

I’ll sit with those questions for a while.

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