Session 6 – Engaging the senses

We have developed a new warm up. This is a voice recording. Miss Kyle plays the recording in the classroom. I can hear it also. So we all warm up together. That is to say, we lie down and relax for a while and gradually come into movement.

Try it yourself –

We have all gathered a natural object, which is by our sides.  We listen to a second recording. The objective of this recording is to individually engage with our chosen object through our senses.

Have a listen and try it for yourself –

  1. We return to the area around the whiteboard (where I can see everyone). We find a partner and tell them name of your object and a little more about it.
  2. Miss Kyle invites some people to come to tell me about their object and I record this on the whiteboard.

It feels so essential to gather, acknowledge and affirm the children’s responses and imaginative stories and descriptions of their objects.

  1. Everyone else creates an art piece with their objects on the table(s) by placing them together. I couldn’t see this happening. It had been created quietly on the tables away from the camera. I got such a lovely surprise when Miss Kyle shared the photographs with me.

I shared some images of artwork that was made during the Autumn time. This artwork was initiated by my colleague Laura Thornton, who is an art lecturer at the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education at Maynooth Uuniversity. We were working with Year 2 students of Primary Education at the Froebel Dept.

I thought how interested it is to see the differences between the colours and textures of the Autumn and Spring.

We chat about our dances and how we could begin to include other senses and a feeling of Spring.

The children go to the hall with Miss. Kyle to experiment and play.

They also begin to use charcoal to draw shape and gesture and from their dances. Partners take turns to hold a pose and draw each other.

Lisa’s response time:

This week I take some time to go outside and photograph Spring time around my local area. I take time to play with charcoal and draw parts of the children’s dance.


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