Future Self.

Today we looked at young and old.  We looked at the features of being old, including wrinkles, grey hair – white hair or no hair!  We also looked at eyes and from looking at lots and lots of pictures we discovered that eyes are really interesting.

When we talked about being old we thought it might stop you from doing things but we also thought that it shouldn’t stop you, we should try to do whatever we can and want.

Life can still be exciting even when we are old!!


We made small sketches of what we thought our features will look like when we are old.  We added wrinkles and beards .


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Adding features.

Today we added features to our paper mask.  Mrs Wilson gave us lots of different things we could use like egg boxes, bubble wrap, boxes and paper.  Ann showed us how to add features like eye brows, noses, chins and cheek features.

We all had things today we loved doing and things which we thought worked –

*making the mask – Sam and Maddison

*helping others – Jake.  *my eyebrows

*my nose and eyes – Isaac

*the chin – Ross

*the cheeks – Daniel

*the bubble wrap – Annabelle

Today was a fun day – Courtney.

You can see from the photos above how we added our features in order to make our paper mask take on a 3D look.  We wanted to make our masks look older as we were thinking about what we would be like when we are older.

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Paper Mache

Today we had to cover our masks with paper and a glue mixture.  This meant our masks would be stronger and the features which had been added using masking tape would definitely stay in place.

Our fingers were really sticky and there was paper and paste everywhere!!!  Some of us didn’t mind this but some of the class really didn’t like the feeling of the glue.  When we had covered our masks completely we left them to dry so we could paint them and add features onto them.  We had such fun today!

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Mixing paint to create skin colour.

Today we painted our masks white.  We did this to cover the newspaper cache.

Then we mixed colours to make our skin colour.  To lighten we added white.

Red and yellow are primary colours and these were the main colours we used.


To change skin tones some added more yellow and some more red.


Next week we are adding features, dressing up and taking photographs of what we think we will look like when we are old!

I loved painting the mask – Jack.

I used white paint to cover my mask – Sam

I mixed colours to make my skin tone – Tom.

I used yellow, red and a lot of white to make my skin colour – Ross.

I found it difficult to mix the paint for my skin – Annabelle.

I struggled to find the correct colours – Rachel.

We didn’t mix enough paint the first time, then the next time it was a different colour – Matthew.

I loved how my skin colour turned out – Brooklyn.


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Helping our masks come alive!

Today we were really excited as Ann came into our school for a ‘Real Visit’.  She was loaded with brow boxes containing all sorts of materials.

We began our day by sorting through the materials and deciding which materials would be the best for the features we wanted for our masks.

We had lots of different types of materials which we used for hair, beards and moustaches. The colours were perfect for making us look older.

When we had our masks finished we dressed up in our costumes and became the character we thought we would be when older.


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Spraying and Sponging

We sprayed paint onto paper today to create a background for us to take photos of us wearing our masks.  Mrs Wilson had too much fun.  She had paint all over the floor and our shoes!!!  Ann took a video of us spraying the paint so we can show you the process in action. (We hope to post it on our blog)

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Today we placed all our finished masks on the ground and then we had to come and find our own.  This was easy because we could tell our masks by the colour, shape and the cutting.

Mrs Wilson gave  us plastic masks which we were going to paint.  We had to compare how the mask was different from the masks we had made from card.

We put on our white, plastic masks to see how they changed our identity.  Mrs Wilson and Tanya weren’t sure whether they liked them or not.  Can you recognise us?

We were allowed to cut our masks whatever way we wanted.  Some didn’t want to cut their masks.  We also painted it how we wanted.

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