After a few technical hitches today we got started. We began by recounting the children’s recent visit to Belfast Zoo. It was encouraging to see how much they were able to remember from their visit and was useful to be able to tie it in with this project.

The children enjoyed looking at some of the photographs of elephant and this led to some creative discussions about pink fluffy elephants using big glasses to see ladybirds!

After the break we focused on elephants and the children enjoyed making elephants to stand in their animal zoos. This was a good introduction to work on a flashmob which the children had never heard of.

We agreed five simple instructions for the flashmob and then children were to carry this out in the playground. The children really enjoyed this activity and responded well to each of the five instructions.

On return to the classroom we were able to share some of the video and audio from our flashmob.

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08.05.12 – Today we made animal Guitars!

Here are some of the children’s comments on today’s guitar making session.  They chose an animal from the rainforest picture and used a piece of music to imaging what their animal might be doing.  You can see pictures of our instruments in the class gallery.


Livija – the giraffe is eating the leaves

Chester– the Toucan is going mad because he is scared

Glyn – I heard a rattle snake

Pedro – the parrots are trying to get the toucan away

Tara-the zebras are galloping and jumping

Ewan – the snake is scaring the monkey on the highest tree

Sam- the bird is singing

Matthew – the monkeys are singing

Dominykas- the elephant is big and he is stamping

Reuben – the elephant has big feet

Jack- the snake is rattling

Sofie- the elephant is stamping his feet

Jacob – the elephant is stamping his feet

Ben- the snake is rattling

Kamile- the cheetah is scrabbing the tree because it is trying to get to the bird

Isa- the snake is saying ssssss

Olivia – the Jaguar is chasing the Toucans

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