the princess who could see everything

We had one final hook up today, in honour of the Kids’ Own team coming to visit.
Students were sharing their evaluations with Jo and in the meantime we continued our whiteboard conversations.

This animation was prompted by Lara’s evaluation. Lara showed me her drawings of the day out at Mount Stewart, the costume she wore and a design of what the costume should have looked like – a princess in a bell shaped dress, complete with crown.
We thought she could be the princess from the Sea Hare story, and so we made an animation of her appearing and reappearing in the whiteboard layers looking for the boy, Andrew’s character who managed to stay hidden and reappear at the very end.

I am not at all sure about the last line of the story, the boy got a lot of help from his friends who were sacrificed along the way….. this image shows David Hockney’s illustration of the text, he has interpreted the story in a unique way, just as we have done.

Can you spot the boy hiding at centre? (with the help of his friends):


The princess getting lost in her search and Andrew’s avatar remaining hidden at centre of screen:

and that’s Andrew who appears in all frames in the top right
Blending in and Standing out

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Blending in and Standing out at Mount Stewart

Final Real Visit and culmination of  our project was a revisit to Mount Stewart. Another kind of layering, Spring superimposed on memories of our Autumn first visit, final meeting on first meeting.

Since our first visit in September of last year our whiteboard conversations have led us to the fabrication of fantastical costumes, we have drawn ourselves into Mount Stewart layering photos, drawings, observations and avatars. Our avatars have mutated in our drawings, they have been superimposed on images from our Autumn trip, they have turned up in collages and iPad drawings. Patterns and colours have informed our ideas and we have developed narratives using layers on the classroom/virtual whiteboard. We looked at David Hockneys exhibition in the Mac “I draw I do”  we took photos and experimented with layers on iPads. We read the story The Sea Hare, about the Princess who could see everything and the boy who had to hide. We looked at camouflage and thought about being visible and being invisible. We drew pictures that showed our ideas using layers. The avatars we have invented for ourselves have morphed through all of these drawing and research stages and have ended up being expressed in costumes:

We had a glorious day and loads of action Blending in and Standing out at Mount Stewart

blending in and standing out at Mount Stewart

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lara hiding

We are fully immersed in costume making right now and I’m dying to see what the students come up with. Our session today was full of the Techno Gremlins – we carried on without audible communications and students were all busy making costumes. Lara and I were communicating without sound via the whiteboard. Our concealing // revealing theme was enhanced by the T.G.s as communications became very much about guesswork and intuition… it seems there was a lot going on behind Lara with strange bodies appearing and disappearing in the depths of the classroom as she was visibly laughing while the Gremlins squawked gleefully over her voice sending bleep songs to my end for the duration of the session – I tried to record these strange sounds but my phone just registered hum.

laraHiding from Mainly Kids at Mixadacat on Vimeo.

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We have been tracking down materials for costumes, and talking about how to create new silhouettes. We are still thinking about blending in and standing out. Some costumes may be group costumes others quite close to original avatars. We talked about building textiles from modular forms, like paper quills and cut out shapes. We talked about the quality of materials shiny or matt, reflective or dull, bendy or stiff we brainstormed where we could find materials from school recycling and other reserves, we talked about how we could join pieces using general supplies and improvised designs, we talked about our avatars


sophieCamouflage2 from Mainly Kids at Mixadacat on Vimeo.

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We talked about altering our silhouettes

Curtis made a move to demonstrate how to do this, it was quite dynamic and balletic – we didn’t catch it on camera so we will remember it well.

We looked at costumes by textile artist/dancer Nick Cave

and we tried to figure out where his head has gone.

Curtis and I had a whiteboard conversation about disguises and transformations, Dean showed me some of his disguise ideas

As a whole class we thought about materials to make ourselves invisible in Mount Stewart, leaves, fluff and a big net from downstairs in the school

Students made drawings for their costumes, they are doing some work  with Ms Davey layering over their avatars using ipads

During the week they will play with altering silhouettes in their gym class and send me some photos – it’s a short week though – students and Ms Davy just 3 days to catch up with each other before St Patrick’s Day off


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