you could go anywhere……. 26/02

This week I made a REAL visit to my school. We examined the methods we had been using to date, focusing on recipes and finding other ways to describe them; instructions, directions, strategies……… This led us to look at conceptual art, and the work of Sol LeWit. who observed that when people made his drawings, that “each person draws a line differently and each person understands words differently” bringing us back to the importance of our personal interpretation of instructions and individual mark making.


Every week we have shared drawing processes with others; first the person next to us, them the people sitting at our desk and this week the whole class worked together on one large piece of paper. Following our recipes again, we linked, connected, and joined others in our class. With the potential to go anywhere, the recipes became difficult to follow. At the end the group talked about the sense of freedom they had working on this scale and that ‘they could go anywhere’, I questioned this as I had read the directions to the group and realised quickly that these directions really did have endless possibilities to ‘go anywhere’!

DSC_0743   DSC_0746

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