session 7

We worked with an adaptation of Cesara Pietroiusti’s “untitled Drawing”

– first of all checking what we understood from the original instructions and responses:


I made a version so each child had a copy:


Lot’s of interesting ideas came up

I asked: “How does it feel to eliminate someone’s name and have one’s name ‘eliminated’ ”

“it’s like monopoly where you take over someone’s place and make it your own”

“I own the original paper – the one I started – I retrieved my drawing from the person it was passed on to and re-wrote my name on top again”

“I can prove it’s my drawing because I can see all of the changes that were made since the start”

“Traces ?” – “Yes you can trace back to the first person”

“I crossed out all of the instructions, because it is my drawing”



Some ways of eliminating of a signature:


ideas eliminated elliminateCutout

The pictures above are blurry screenshots in the lowere picture my signature has been cut out and another signature stuck on (much like a comic book plank nailed to a door) There is a hole and a repair. Luca’s band aid.

I like the mixing of mediums, and the decision Luca made to leave the border of the floating shadow printed around the picture box for my signature on the word document and the hole he has cut inside this.

I would love to see what happens next to this drawing.

Ideas of original  and ownwership came up,

We looked at Robert Rauschenberg’s “Erased de Kooning Drawing”


Ideas of collaboration

Ideas of control

Next Classroom experiment:

Thinking about Editions, the significance of the number 039 on Cesara Pietroiusti’s “untitled Drawing”


– the originator can produce a limited amount of copies for distribution and keep the original Real drawing/set of instructions for herself/himself.

The person who alters the original can then make a limited amount of copies and distribute them as his/her own work and so on.


Here is drawing 44 from Cesara Pietroiusti’s Wide Open School Workshop



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