Drawing Instructions

Today I got drawing 23 instructions for drawing from the children at Our Lady of Lourdes:


1. Draw a circle in the middle of the page.

2. Put in a big spot in the middle of the circle.

3. Split the circle into three sections.

4. Make each section brighter and brighter.

5. Draw stars around your circle.

6. Rub your fingers around your circle to make a blurred outline.


1. Draw a spider in the middle of the page.

2. Using your finger smudge the spider out a bit.

3. Behind your spider draw a web


1.draw a swirl

2. Then draw a 2 shape with a swirl at the end of the 2

3. Draw a swirley line

4. draw a twister

5. Draw a dimond

6.draw a snowflake

7. draw a star

8. draw a river

9. Then smug it all with your fingers


1 Use lots of shading techniques

2 And lots of dark thick lines

3 And shading inside the dark lines

4 Draw shapes in shapes in places that feel suite

5 use lots of smudging and brushing


1. Draw a swirl

2. Draw a flower and make sure it is on top of the swirl.

3. Shade the flower into the swirl.

4. Draw tornadoes around the flower and smudge them.

5. Draw snowflakes around the flower too.


1. Draw a bubble (of any shade) with your name on it.

2. Do another one in a completely different shape and size, do as much

as you like.

3. At the end the piece will look like an inky underwater scene.

4. You can only use charcoal.

5. Do not x out any other bubble.

6. Your name can be any style.

7. Decorate the bubble with any pattern, still making sure the name is



1 You must draw shapes.

2 Then you can smug it to make it really dark and then you can make it


3 You can rub your fingers in Charcoal and do finger painting.


• Use charcoal to write your name

• Smudge it with your finger

• Draw a shape around it

• Put fingerprints in the background

• Add dots

• Shade the edges of the shape


1.Make a trunk shape and rub up and down

2. Draw a shape of a crown of a tree

3. In the middle make it really dark and getting lighter

4. And then smudge it really well

5. At the bottom of the tree draw big roots

6. They all have to be different shapes

7. Make it look 3D


1.Draw lots of squares .

2. Yellow , green , red , blue paint .

3.Put lots of paint on .

4. Mix them .

5. cut the squares that it looks like a square portal


1 Make some flowers and draw them at the top and shade

2 Do swirls and all over the bottom

3 Draw10 lines and rube the second one


• Draw a swirl in the middle of the page.

• After you did that draw a swirl square around it.

• Smudge the swirl in.

• Then draw little dots after you did that smudge in the dots.


1. Write your name

2. Draw a swirl and smudge it

3. Shade over the swirl [ dark from light ]

4. Draw dark dots over all over it

5. Draw small swirls around it

6. Draw dots and smudge them a bit

7. Draw a swirl and colour lightly over it

8. Colour in one of your fingers and print it all over your page

9. Shade from light to dark in different places on your page


1. Draw four swirls in each corner

2. Shade over them

3. Draw a tornado by shading

4. Make a big swirl in the middle of the page

5. Shade over it

6. Put the charcoal in a place and twist it

7. Put dots anywhere and use the top of the charcoal and rub them all


1. Draw four boxes.

2. Draw a spiral in the left top box and the left bottom box and after draw a

3. Shade all four of the spirals in.

4. Draw one straight line up and one line across from that.

5. Draw an x in the middle of the picture its self.

backwards spiral in the right hand top box and the right hand bottom box.


1. Get a piece of charcoal and draw bolts in each corner.

2. You then draw a right angle from the right and an obtuse angle from the left

3. Make sure their tips are touching.

4. Shade a line through the tips.

5. Draw a really dark line under the angles and smudge it.

6. Use the side of your piece of charcoal and shade a line through your previous



1.Draw a swirl in the middle of your page.

2.Shade your swirl to make your art work beautiful.

3.Shade with your finger.

4.make a shape on the page wherever you want.

5.Do carve lines like a storm.


You first get a piece of charcoal and shade all of your picture.

.Draw a swirl somewhere in the page .

.Then draw a big heart so you can draw more stuff in it .

 .Draw a smiley face in the heart .

 .Draw on your finger and press down on the paper like footprints .

 .Then smug it all .


1. Draw some swirls and smudge them a bit

2. Draw some dots some really dark and some really light

3. Write your signature in the middle and draw a shape around it the smudge around the


4. Draw a really dark circle

5. Draw a really light circle inside it

6. Draw a really light circle inside your really light one

7. Draw two more of the circle things somewhere else on the page


draw a small square in the middle of your page (really dark).

Draw another square outside the first one only a bit lighter.

Keep doing this until there is no more room.

Then draw a small star in the middle of the first square.

Next draw 4 lines diagonally from that star (getting lighter going across the page).

Spin the charcoal in the first and second square until you can’t .


• draw a circle and then put a spot of charcoal in the middle

• after that cut the corners

• then with the corners colour them in then in charcoal patterns

• Glue them back on your work .


• Draw a football shade, half the football into two pieces into a circle draw a line.

• Up down the middle and through the middle in the whole piece.

• Now draw another circle outside of the other circle.

• Rub in the charcoal onto the page.


• Draw swirls

• Draw designs

• Draw patterns

• Sign your name

• Draw shapes

• Glue in more patterns like sticky shapes

• Cut your design out and stick it in a different way

• Out line your work after your done to make it stand out

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