Getting into the drawing, discussing the photos and collage.


Week 3.  Getting into drawing, discussing the photos ( from disposable cameras)  and beginning to use collage.


Today went very well  indeed – we managed to get “collaborate” software up and active and it was fantastic to be able to share the images with the two  classes while speaking with them. We used Skype as well as back up, so with both programmes running we had all bases covered. DSC_0169Sheep

Landscape sheepI’d sent the actual photos that they had made with the disposable cameras back to them last week in a parcel. Ann had managed to match up every child with their own photography which was no mean feat!

So this time we decided to look at some ways that historical painters had represented the landscape, such a Constable and Van Gough. Looking at the way that they filled up the whole space of the painting and how textured the works were. as well as how much sky often occupies the picture plane and what colours were used – for example how many different greens Van Gough used when he is paining grass.

Using their own photograph as a starting point each child came up to speak with me about their image.

They all got very busy with their drawing – and we discussed adding collage and the different  textures that could used.  I’m going to send down a parcel of different textures of paper – tissue, patterns etc so we can really work into the pictures  they are making. In the meantime I’m going to scan the 25 photos that I selected from their collection and keep working on the mapping, photoshop layering idea that I’m trying out with their works so far for a slideshow.





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