Session 6

Session 6

Our final session will take place, on Monday next (May 18th), with a summary of all art work along with descriptions of our photographs and drawings.  This session will give Ruby an opportunity to present the art-work in the form of a PowerPoint.  We were aiming to make the final session a real visit, however due to various commitments it will now be done virtually.  However this has not hampered our excitement and enthusiasm about seeing what Ruby has done with all our pieces!

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Adding to our creations

We were really looking forward to seeing Ruby again and to get stuck into our artwork again.  Ruby began in the Junior Room and then went onto the Senior Room.  We used Skype and Blackboard for the class and it was really handy to see the picture Ruby was talking about using Blackboard.  We all got our picture again and we looked at the different materials from our art press but also from a package Ruby had sent us.  She sent us on lots of different paper with patterns and different textures.  Ruby gave us lots of advice about how best to use the different materials to make our picture and she gave us great ideas to help make them more 3D like.  She helped us make shadows on our work also.

Looking forward to finishing our pictures….

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Getting our photos & doing some drawing

Since our last session Ruby posted us on our photographs.  We spent ages looking through them and picking out our own ones.  It was really exciting to see all our photos, especially the ones others had taken.  That was great fun!

Ruby skyped us again today and we used a new programme on the laptop and Ruby was able to upload pictures directly to our whiteboard, it was really cool!  She showed us lots of pictures of landscapes including pictures from Van Gogh.  We all picked a photo and we looked at it and talked about the shapes and colours we could see in them.  Then Ruby explained to is about a picture she wanted us to draw.  We drew a picture based on the photograph we were looking at earlier.  We drew pictures of trees, animals, houses, rivers and lots more.  Ruby explained to us about using a variety of textures on our pictures so we used lollipop sticks, wool, different types of paper and lots of different colours.  We used the lollipop sticks to make fences & doors & things like that.  We used the wool to make clouds and patterns in the sky.  We used card & different types of paper to layer together and make stems and parts of buildings.

We really enjoyed today’s session, it was really exciting and lots of fun to use our photos to draw a picture.  We’re really looking forward to our next session when we will get to work some more on our picture.  Ruby said she is going to post us on another parcel with different types of paper, photographs and a few more bits and pieces in it to help us with our pictures.  Hopefully we’ll get them before mid-term break next week!

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Our First Virtual Session

We had our first ever virtual session on Skype yesterday with Ruby.  She was at her house, it was really cool to be able to see her & speak to her from her own house.

She started in the junior room & showed them some of their pictures from the disposable cameras we had.  The junior room told her stories and explained about the different pictures they had taken.

In the afternoon Ruby was in our class.  It was very exciting for all of us, we were really looking forward to it all week.  It was great fun and it was surprising to see the photos we had taken.  It was interesting to hear the stories about the pictures and listening to why some people chose to take that photo.  Ruby was really nice and friendly and it was really different being able to work with an artist.

We’re really looking forward to next week!

3rd class, 4th class, 5trh class & 6th class

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Our First Ever Session

We had a visit from our artist Ruby before Christmas and she did lots of exciting stuff with both the junior and senior classes.  We

  • took photos of our hands
  • we showed her around the school
  • we drew a map of the school
  • she gave us disposable cameras to use at home.

It was great fun we hope she will get to visit our school again! Thanks Ruby.

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