Preparing and planning …….


Before we started our first Virtually There Session. I spoke to Julie about the class topic which was ,’ Recycling.’ We decided that it would be a great idea before we started our first session for the children to go on a quest to find interesting and ordinary objects.


The class were given this task as a Homework activity and were asked to think of this as a Science project. Pupils were given paper tags to document the date, the object and place where they found their items.


A ‘Recycling’ table was set up in the flavour of a ‘Nature table.’ The boys found lots of items such as lucky elephant figures, gloves, feathers, stones, twigs, leaves, Irish dancing medals and bottles………….


Primary 3′ Recycling table.

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Meeting Julie Forrester and an Inservice in the Ulster Museum.

Julie Forrester.
Julie Forrester.

In December 2015 I first met with Julie Forrester and the team from ‘Kids’ Own’ for an Inservice day on ,’ Virtually There.’ Julie and I worked collaboratively in making some pieces of Art using ordinary objects and materials. Throughout this task we were imagining, creating, exploring , problem solving and observing.
We placed and stacked some sugar cubes in an irregular formation and added ink and acrylic paint to the sugar.
We photographed what we observed.


Next we tried to recreate this image onto a piece of cloth. We decided to use pins , ink , paint and straws.


Then we covered the cloth with a piece of paper and this is what we discovered.


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