Installation Art

Back in the studio now we had a weekly ‘studio checkin ‘ and I was showing the children the progress of my steel sculpture for Maynooth University. I was discussing the challenges I was having with the engineering. This work is ongoing and each week the children see images of the work in production along side other projects Im working on. They always have really interesting questions and sometimes suggestions.

Having deciding on making their own Sculptural installation I showed the children some more art installations, focusing on materials used, colour and the process and decision making of the artists. We watched some videos of the artists talking about their work, the children really like watching videos and we discuss observations afterwards.  The children went back to working on their own sculpture and had realised they wanted to make changes maybe after seeing others artworks.

We looked at Yayoi Kusama , Anish Kapoor, Jim Lambie,

Ishi’s Light 2003 Anish Kapoor born 1954 Presented by Tate International Council 2005

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