Installation art, play and insects

Having looked at the Playground project that Im involved in at VISUAL Carlow, I wanted to do a project with the children connecting to this, installation art and their new school thematic          ‘Mini Beasts’. So we went about designing an interactive installation for insects. We looked at land art and modernist play grounds for inspiration and I showed the children maquettes of sculptures that I had made.


Using self drying clay that would be a durable materials for outdoors we made miniature forms and spaces that insects could play. It was decided that all of the pieces would then be placed outdoors inside a tractor tyre for protection.




At the end of the class we started talking about 

Sitting in my studio making my own set of play spaces for insects out of clay with the camera facing onto my hands, we commented on how like an art tv program this was. I does feel like a TV program as Im beamed into their classroom but the difference is we can see ourselves and each other at the same time as well. So we started considering playing with this idea and making an episode of our own Art tv program. Here are some names the children came up with.

Next week we will visit an exhibition that Im in 20 minutes away from St Colmans. So we are taking the opportunity to do a day trip and meet at Millennium Court Art Space. Its very exciting.

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