That’s useless!

On Tuesday Rhona showed us our pictures from last week. Three people were off sick  so they had to get their picture taken so they weren’t let out.

Rhona showed us around her studio, it is cool to see what a real life artist does everyday.

Rhona showed us pictures of useful inventions, some were really funny like the toliet roll hat, which would be really useful in our classroom at the minute for runny noses! We also liked the Butter stick as it would make buttering your toast so much easier in the mornings.

Rhona showed us useless objects too but we were able to think of ways that they could be made useful, Liam said we could use the welly-boots to plant flowers in.Fergus said we could use the spoon to crush things between and pick things up.

It was so much fun picking our objects and making them useless. Some of us changed the material like making a saucepan wooden and some people took things away or added them on like batteries or extra parts that wouldn’t work well! We were thinking outside the box and it is good because there is no right or wrong answer.

We have to collect packaging from our school lunches and from home for our next session with Rhona, it is part of our homework this week. We can’t wait to make some art from the junk.

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