Sorting and Sculpting

On Tuesday the 10th of January Rhona surprised our class by coming to visit! It was brilliant.

We poured all the rubbish we have been collecting on to the carpet and sorted it into outside materials which are waterproof and inside materials like cardboard which can’t get wet or they will be destroyed.

Rhona gave us thick black wire which we put together and moulded into a large ring shape. Rhona and Miss Byrne began drilling holes in the bottle lids and we started to thread them. It was a very noisy classroom.

We can’t wait to see what it is like when it’s finished. We have to ask all our friends and families to help us collect bottle lids to complete our sculpture.

Arryn thought we could make it into a reading area for the Primary ones and Fionn said we should make seats for inside using tyres!

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