Our School Trip

Friday the 10th of March was the day we had our school trip to the Millennium Court Art Centre. We were all so excited that morning. Miss Mc Grath, Mrs Poland and Miss Mc Clean came with us .At 10 o’clock we got on the bus and travelled about 20 minutes to get there. When we got off the bus we couldn’t even see the place but it was right around the corner!

Rhona was coming down the big glass stairway when we walked in. She took us up to a room to put our lunch bags away and told us a little about what we would be doing that day. We began by looking around the exhibition. The first was a little confusing but Lily guessed it was a city that had some sort of disaster and the lady said she was spot on!
Next we visited a wooden one that was strange, it didn’t look like much but when you opened it out it was a shelter, table, chairs and even had parts you could climb or play on. We wished we could take it back to our school. The third exhibition was Rhona’s. It was by far the best. There were these things called ‘Huddle Wear’, they were basically silly clothes, like hats that are attached and cloaks which make you get involved with other people and encourage you to communicate because to move you sort of need to work as a team.

Then we had our lunch and we were allowed to bring more than one treat in our lunch as long as we were sensible.

Next, we cut out large circles for each of us to stand in. They were called ‘Our Space’. Rhona took us back into the gallery to do some fun exercises on these, some individual, some working with a partner and miming each other. Rhona gave us the circles to take home and decorate.

We learnt that galleries are definitely not just paintings hanging on walls, they are sometimes art you can actually step into and become a part of that is called ‘installation’ art.

We had a great day and hope Rhona has another exhibition near us very soon!

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