Spot on!

On Tuesday the 17th January we had our usual skype session with Rhona. Rhona was back in her studio and was excited for the children to show her how they were progressing with the sculpture.

Rhona showed us some installation artwork which the children found fascinating, they were particularly impressed with the  work of 82-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.One of her latest projects involved designing an all-white ‘Obliteration Room’ created specifically to engage children and adults in an art gallery. They were then given colourful stickers and the room was transformed into a multi-coloured, stimulating environment. The children even suggested I try something similar in our classroom…

When the children moved on to working with our own structure, they felt some changes needed to be made to our original design, we changed the length of each ‘string’ to 1.5m long and have spaced them out more efficiently. The project looks great so far, everyone is enjoying having their own part to play in the creation.

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