A New Topic!

Today Rhona showed us how her installation piece is progressing. The children were excited and feel very lucky that we are being given the opportunity to actually go to one of her exhibitions in March. They are beginning to understand how much time and resources these large projects require.

Rhona explained our new topic is Mini beasts and ensured the children that they will continue to work on their big bottle top creation and even suggested some sort of unveiling for the rest of the school, which I feel is a fantastic idea.

Rhona showed us some large installation pieces and explained how the artists used the space they had available to them. She then gave the children a task of designing some sort of second level in our classroom. The creations the children came up with were amazing, I would genuinely love to incorporate some of their ideas, maybe some of the more practical ones like a cosy guided reading corner with sofas …although a Jacuzzi would be lovely!

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