Planet Art

Since our last session with Rhona we have been extremely busy. The children had another face to face visit with Rhona but this time it was in an actual art gallery! Rhona currently has an exhibition in Portadown called ‘You and I’. As this is so close to our school we couldn’t resist a trip over to see her work. For some pictures of our trip, please click on the link below;

We have painted our mini beast playgrounds and are now in the process of letting them dry before placing them outside. A few children were absent the day we created the miniature sculptures so thankfully we had made some group bases which they could design and paint themselves.

During the session, a conversation started about how the whole ‘Virtually there’ experience sometimes felt a little surreal and Elle commented it was a little like an interactive art programme. I suggested it was a little like Blue Peter when Rhona shows us some examples of creations before or while we attempt them, but of course the children had not heard of that! Rhona and the children decided that for our final few sessions we could create a mini episode of our own Art programme, to explain what we actually do during our session! The children decided on the title, ‘Planet Art’.

Related image

I think that is my favourite thing about this whole Project, it is very spontaneous and you are not restricted by the curriculum.


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