26.10.16 Meeting our artist Naomi.

We see things from Naomi’s studio in Boyle – The big blanket to keep her warm, a plant, a book and  a flower press.

Book boxes to be opened.

What might be inside the book boxes?

‘White and fluffy’                                                ‘It tickles you’ Rosa

‘Snow flakes dropping down outside’
‘I like snowy days’  Luke
Sunny yellow reminds me of   eating ice-cream with my mum.    Darcy

going to the park.     Monica  

my best friend’s party outside
The Blue Book  

              Maybe it’s about water .  James

  You can splash in the puddle. Ryan
It will be blue inside.  Monica

                     It’s like the sky.  Ryan

   Things sink down in the water, but

plastic can float. Daniel


We listen well to instructions how to make a book. We fill our books with lots of colour.


Fun had, Connections made!

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