25.01.17 ‘The Cornflake’ Fragile Part 1

   What is Fragile?    Session 7


KEEP THE CORNFLAKE SAFE                        HIDE YOUR  CORNFLAKE               

    (ON YOUR BREAK)                                                       Where did you hide it?

What happened it? 

I ate it!                                                                                 At the whiteboard

It’s in Liam’s tummy!                                                   Under the cupboard
It broke!                                                                       Behind the bookshelf
It blew away!                                                             On the shelf at the side
I crushed it!                                                         In the drawers at the door
It’s in my pocket!                                                                  In the corner
I dropped it!                                                                        On the toy shelf
I lost it!                                                                         In the elephant book
I kept it safe!                                                                    In the doll’s house
Here it is!                                                                                 In my drawer
In the play dough basket
In the dominos box                                                              JUST OVER THERE

We all got another cornflake and had to hide it somewhere safe.

We drew treasure maps to help us remember where we had hidden our cornflake – until we next meet Naomi.


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