31.01.17 ‘The Cornflake’ 2 Design safe spaces

The class were eager to get their hands on their treasure map and check were their golden flakes still safe.

Did  still mark the spot?

They separate all over the class to get their hands on their golden treasure.

A queue  at the microphone to exclaim  to Naomi that it was gone, broken, moved!  Did the cleaner come and hoover it up, not realizing?  Had we a mouse visiting the class?

Some however were exactly were they had been left- tucked away or safe in a kind of house.                                                                                                                                                             The domino box luckily hadn’t been used during our maths session last week – the cornflake still their intact.

Naomi  directed the children to plan / design  and build a space in which to house their cornflake.

Tables had been set up with lots of junk materials, tape, sticky labels and stuff that Mrs Cross likes to keep, just in case we use it some time!

Designers in action!


The nest was going to get a roof on it too!

Naomi was loved our inventions.

We looked at each others to try and see was the cornflake safe inside.

The cornflakes would be safe inside these safe spaces we all agreed.


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