Session Ten: Another Day At The Office


April 7th 2017

Aim: To test out how we can plot out an outdoor dome. To complete the cuboids and begin to talk about the religious sacraments made.

I must have one of the most interesting jobs ever. Unlike many others who sit at their desks and open their laptops I have world of inquisitive minds, conversations and happy grins to greet me. My interactive participants responding to everything we talk about together. I learn, they learn, Ms. Harriott learns, we play, we experiment, we invent and we discover together.

This week we had another join us, Tracy one of the Kids’Own team who came to observe the session and I hoped would give a helping hand. Once we caught up on weekly news we got to down to work. Following on from our last session the where the children had completed the sides of their cuboids and with an extra pair of hands we began to attach the portraits on to the sides. I had attached my portraits onto the sides of the cube here in the studio but as my parcel did not arrive Ms. Harriott and Tracy devised their own way of attaching the portraits on. From the photographs Ms. Harriott put up on her journal I could see that her results were far superiors to mine. The photographs Ms. Harriott puts on her journal provide me with a much more accurate view of what happens in the classroom and in todays case the activities that happened out in the hall.

At the beginning of the session I had shown the children some willow cuttings and images of growing willow domes. My aunt and uncle had offered us enough cuttings to build our own dome in the grounds of the school. Our willow dome would take several years to mature but the children would assist in looking after and shaping how the dome will grow during their primary school life. To build the dome we would need to plot out the circular base of the dome and I had done a drawing to demonstrate how best to mark out a very large circle when you didn’t have a giant compass. The children headed to the hall where the space was large enough to roll out a huge roll of paper. On their return from the hall they described to be how they got on. It was a little frustrating not being able to actually see the events in real time but I did get to see the photographs afterwards. The children gave a varied account of drawing the circles from being easy to really challenging, naturally they figured it out and plenty of circles were created. Unfortunately they did not have time to begin to write and draw in the circles. I had intended to ask the children to fill the circles with ideas about the sacrament they had made recently and their understanding and perception of their belief.

My next session is only a few days away but we need to plant the willow cuttings ASAP as planting season for cuttings is almost over.

See you all on Monday.


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