Session 5 Review

Today’s session with Joe went great – we had previously discussed a few ideas for the session and one of those was layering the shadows created by the Sun using different colours.

Of course this was dependent on the Sun being out but thankfully it was a clear, sunny morning and perfect for drawing shadows so we got to do this. We then moved onto painting the different paths or routes and this went really well too.

Thankfully we didn’t have any major technical problems with speaking to or seeing Joe in his studio in Dublin online which meant that everything went smoothly across the 3+ hour session.

This was our last online session with Joe – for the project finale, Joe is driving up to St Mary’s Cabragh to lead the concluding part of our project and by the sound of the idea he has passed me, it is going to be very exciting and I think the class will love it.

Mr Mc Anespie

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Session 3 Review

The children loved today’s session. Joe had some great tips on how to photograph the sculptures better using white card as the back drop and they came out far better.

Unfortunately we experienced quite a bit of sound and video delay, perhaps this might have been due to other children in the school using the internet and slowing it down but it didn’t affect the overall enjoyment and results of the session.

Mr Mc Anespie

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Project Progress!

Hello everyone,

Mr Mc Anespie and the P7 class here! It’s 16th May and we are roughly half way through the project. We are really enjoying the online aspect of working with our artist Joe and exploring the different themes all related to Space and the Solar System and how we are all connected together.

Dates are becoming a little hectic at the minute though in primary school with sports and exams etc clashing with the course but hopefully we will get around it all.

Good luck to everyone else

St Mary’s P.S. Cabragh

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