Day 4 photo and drawing montages

Today’s session continued where we left off on day 3, which was looking at the photo -montages of David Hockney’s work.

I posted a lovely picture of the artist working outside in Yorshire, painting 6 small canvases to make one large PANORAMIC view of the trees.

We learned that PANORAMA was a wide angled view of a scene. We also discussed how a picture could be created by joining lots of smaller pictures.

We set to work very quickly to record the journey from inside the class to outside in the playground.

The children worked in small groups to decide who should draw from which spot, so all of the journey was ‘covered’ by someone. I reminded the children to draw the view infront of them as if they were ‘on their way’. Before the children set off, I asked them to think about several things relating to size and distance (perspective):

* That objects seem smaller the further away they are

* That we can notice much more detail in objects closer than those further away.

* That often the closer the object, the darker or more intense colour it has, as objects in the  distance may seem faded.

The children set off to record their journey, making drawings and some taking photographs.

Here”s what they did:





While they were gone, I made a short walk to the edge of the lake here (Lake Ontario) and made a small photo montage:

I am looking forward to seeing the joined up drawings and photographs that the class made.

When the children returned, they reported back some things they noticed about the activity:

Paula said she noticed lots of details for her drawing.

Miceal said he noticed the colour of the paint on the walls!

Malachi said he really enjoyed being out of the classroom space and somewhere else.

Jana said she enjoyed the activity of looking and drawing.


For sure, making a drawing takes time and we DO notice more when we stop to observe.

When I am out and about I take my sketchbook  – here’s a picture and the place I made a small  sketch – a small harbour scene near the Lake.

Things will change again next week when I travel slightly northward and easterly as I visit Quebec City. The children are going to find out what they can from their perspective in Ireland and I will find out what I can from my travels to the city.

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