under the table…..

Having returned from my travels, I was keen to see the children  and so made a real visit for our final session before Easter Break…

I arrived just after the Easter egg hunt, so there was great excitement and energy in the school. It was especially good to see everyone’s face and see some of the work that the children had done on our themes that were difficult to show on screen as they were large.

I showed the children the concertina sketchbook full of the sketches from my travel over to Canada, then presented them with a tin of maple syrup for the next pancake making session at school.



Then we quickly set to work exploring some varying perspectives in the classroom. This was a continuation of the ideas of viewing spaces and things from differing viewpoints (on the ground, from the air, high on hills etc). So our first task was to imagine we were a mouse moving across the top of the table and trying to draw the view that we see – the close up views of books, pencil cases, files etc.


This meant crouching low so that our eye level was very low in relation to the table top. The room was very quiet when we were doing this!




Darren's drawing


The drawing Ericas made


Olivia's drawing


Cailum's work


The next task was to go even lower…. so we crouched under the table to see the view from there! It is not the usual view of the classroom and the children had great concentration for this task and some lovely drawings were made:

Sorcha was thinking she was a tiger and even included her tiger paws in the frame!

Sorcha's drawing
Paula's drawing
malachi's drawing


katie's drawing


Caitlyn's work
Miceal's work

To take my pictures, I had to get down very low, sometimes with the camera on the floor to get a sense of the view the children had.


Here’s the outcomes of the hard work looking and drawing:


Abi's drawings
Thomas' work


Paula's work


Olivia's drawing


Nicole's drawing


Miceal's work
Michael's work
malachi's drawing
jake's work


Eugene's work
Ericas' drawing
Declan's work
Cailum's work


Our final task was to try a group drawing of the classroom by asking each child to take a position in the room and to draw their view on a long thin piece of paper. At the end the activity we would join these individual views up to form a 360 degree group view of the classroom.




There was huge efforts concentrating on this task. Have a look at the class gallery to see all the pictures from this session!

The work was taped together


This was a long drawing!

I was really impressed with all the work and great focus that the children showed. I look forward to  our sessions beginning after Easter break!

One thing I have left out during our eventful morning was the great excitement that began when news came to the class that two of the players from Crossmaglen Rangers were coming with the recently won All-Ireland Senior Club Championship Cup ….

There was a scramble from under the tables to get a place in the school hall for the welcome:


The welcome was fantastic and everyone in the school took part in the proud moment!

Congratulations to Crossmaglen Rangers!


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