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session 8 - 006


This week’s session was devoted to testing the suitability of materials for our project.

The children suggested the material needs to:

– Stay in one place

– be flat like the playground, not bumpy

– waterproof

– strong so it doesn’t blow away in the wind

We discussed the notion of TIME and our project……

How long would the material be down on the playground?

some said:

3 hours

wee while

2 days


a week

one hour and 1 minute

We talked about the fact that Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s wrapped walkway was not PERMANENT and the idea of something being TEMPORARY.

We had lots of suggestions for the idea of temporary – it stayed a while but NOT FOREVER.

We also discussed the idea of how it might look? Was that important?

We mostly decided the material should be a very NOTICEABLE COLOUR!

It was time to explore some materials and in preparation I posted a lot of samples of materials down to the school. To make the exploration of the sample of material more mysterious, I suggested to the Teacher that the children be blindfolded so they relied on other senses than their eyes to  find out about the sample…….

session 8 - 010
Relying on other senses than our sight to find out about the material sample… how does it feel? Is it soft?


session 8 - 011
Is it smooth?
session 8 - 013
What are the edges like?

session 8 - 004

session 8 - 005

session 8 - 007

session 8 - 009

session 8 - 008
Does it make a sound? Is it noisy?
session 8 - 017
  Do bits fall off it?

The children offered lots of descriptive words:


loud sound



like cheese





And then the children took their blindfolds off and were very surprised and interested in their small sample of material…….so they looked more closely and noticed  things about its appearance as well….

Daniel noticed there was a sort of texture and pattern to his material and he said it”looks like a maze” “like lots of wee stairs….”

The children made a drawing of their sample in their sketchbooks…..


session 8 - 027   session 8 - 024

session 8 - 023        session 8 - 037

session 8 - 031

session 8 - 033

session 8 - 040    session 8 - 039    session 8 - 043

session 8 - 038                session 8 - 041



The next step was a discussion about how we could TEST  material to see how it would fare outside. The children decided the material samples could be tied, taped or weighted somehow. They also said they would guard it in case anything happened to it!

As the children began to go outside I got to witness the activity through the Teacher’s iPad!

The children's enthusiasm for outside activities is wonderful!
The children’s enthusiasm for outside activities is wonderful!
Discussions took place as to where the samples should be placed.... "over at the edge of the playground"!
Discussions took place as to where the samples should be placed…. “over at the edge of the playground”!

session 8 - 078   session 8 - 081    session 8 - 082

There was plenty of tape for the job!
There was plenty of tape for the job too!

Samples of materials were tied, pegged and taped using duck tape and masking tape. The children made sure all the different samples were fixed outside using DIFFERENT  METHODS…….

session 8 - 084      session 8 - 086           session 8 - 089

session 8 - 098     session 8 - 099    session 8 - 100

session 8 - 101     session 8 - 107      session 8 - 103

session 8 - 102    session 8 - 111     session 8 - 108

We look forward to seeing what happens when we come back to school on Monday and re- connect on Tuesday to report on the findings!

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