the extraordinary fourth and fifth space…


When Mrs Hughes and the children in Crossmaglen connect up with me in Belfast we share a third space together online, which in itself is amazing but on Friday 11th March 2016 at about 11am the children and Mrs Hughes for some strange reason, built a DEN in the classroom and I was invited into the this new space…



The DEN was constructed out of a huge tarpaulin that seemed to get bigger and bigger!
Inside the space there were cosy spaces to huddle as a group
sit and chat and chill out…
There was enough room in the DEN for all the class, Mrs Hughes, Fiona, and a visit from Mr. Madine, the Headmaster!
There was enough room in the DEN for all the class, Mrs Hughes, Fiona, and a visit from Mr. Madine, the Headmaster!
but this was no ordinary space…
It had a TUNNEL to another space…


This new space could only be reached through the tunnel and only one person could inhabit the space at a time…
Once inside the space it was the portal to an extraordinary new place, some called it Mars, some called it Mercury but what was for sure it was not the classroom!


Funny it all seemed to start after talking about NESTS….

Some crazy plans were hatched then it all changed…






Sent to me by Mrs. Hughes!

Louis:  Dylan was reading the Snow Maze (book) and the others enjoyed listening – it was really cosy.

Charlie:  Every time he went to the huddle corner there was no room to move, felt like a squashed potato, it didn’t really like that many people.

Dylan:  He liked the pillow in the corner.

Jessica:  It was lovely and warm and she liked lying with her friends.

Kayla:  Enjoyed being close with her friends and having quiet talks.

Zoe:  Had a really happy huddling session with lots of laughing.

Sophie:  Enjoyed the special sharing time with her friends.

Noah:  When he got there, everyone was crawling over him but when they left he had a   nice wee relaxation.

Dylan:  The girls were having a huddle session and he busting in on them, he was told to go away (he found this very funny)

Ryan:  He preferred the rocket where he could have a bit of quiet time.

Callum:  Also preferred the rocket, the huddle corner was too noisy for him.

 Jessica McC:  Stayed in the huddle nearly the whole time.  She was very happy under the blanket.

Keelan:  He enjoyed the huddling corner so that he could lie down and relax.

 Jack:  He really liked the huddle corner because it was warm and he had his shoes off so his feet were warm.  Anthony, Jack, and Dylan J. shared funny stories.

Coilin:  Enjoyed the rocket and chatting to Sharon. Didn’t get to the huddle corner as it was too crowded.

John:  Enjoyed getting under the blankets and hiding.  Very squashed though.

Keegan:  The huddling corner was the cosiest and warmest part the den and he really enjoyed everyone all squashed together, it didn’t bother him.

Michael:  He and John were playing hide and seek in the huddling corner.

Garreth:  They were playing a fun footsie game in the huddling corner – back and forth soles together.  He liked listening to the chat in the huddling corner.

Antoin:  People crawling all over him felt a bit like a massage.


Thank you P3, Fiona and Mrs Hughes!

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