Doing and Documenting

Last week Miss Fanthorpe and I discussed the possibility of a real visit (since what we were planning would mean the children would be away from the classroom and whiteboard for most of the activities and I did not want to miss this!) Well we could not have timed it better! This week I arrived down to St Patrick’s PS in Crossmaglen in warm sunshine to seek further distortion and ways of recording these.

We very quickly found ourselves outside armed with underwater cameras and lots of energy and enthusiasm. We certainly needed the energy as it was great fun but very busy!

What beautiful school grounds, with small gardens, pitches, trees and a pond area. We decided that we would take it in turns to photograph an object under the water, using an underwater camera. These were single use cameras and the film inside would need to be processed and printed out as photographs. We would have to be patient to see the results of this!

We head out to the pond


Look at those reflections! We were armed with plenty of cameras and so the children documented both the activities as they happened and the examples of distortions that they noticed. here are a few:



Eugene took his task of documenting very seriously, what a great job!

The act of trying to get the camera into the water and take pictures as well as hold something there was very tricky. Miss Fanthorpe was very acrobatic!


Miss Fanthorpe places a shark in the pond!


here's the shark documented under the water!



Getting ready to photograph another object

While this activity was taking place, some children were recording special things they noticed. It was great to see the children taking command of the cameras! Have a look at the photographs here which were all taken by the children using the underwater cameras!

this is interesting!
A lovely distorted reflection




This hazy reflection was spotted in the shiny surface of a plaque at the pond


creating ripples


capturing reflections


More ripples


Plenty of ripple makers


Look who joined us!

Check the school gallery for more pictures of the pond activities.

We split into smaller groups to look at more water effects and distortions using the peep-viewers.

Photographing objects in the water tank
capturing reflected heads in the water!
here's what one camera caught


a great shot


We made sure we had time to look through the peep-viewers that create such strange distortions. In order to take a photograph we had the peep-viewer wrapped in foam so it would fit over the small lens on the digital camera……

Sharon showing the class how the peep-viewer was attached to the camera lens


A close up view of the peep-viewer on camera lens, documented very well!

The children took it in turns to look through and take pictures.

Seeing unusual distortions using the peep-viewer
friends captured through peep-viewer


friends with very small feet


friends with extra large hands!



What big hand you have!


What a big mouth you have!


What big eyes you have!


What a big smile you have!
Some really great distortions



Under the tree through the peep-viewer

This was a really enjoyable session that seemed to go by far too fast – as if time had speed up on us!


Later on as I was reflecting on the session and the thought came to mind again – that somehow TIME itself sometimes seems distorted! Perhaps we can investigate this very phenomenon next week! But look what I noticed when I took a break in a cafe in Newry later that afternoon…….

Can you spot me taking the picture?


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