Hello hands!



In this new phase of  The Virtually There project, I am working with teacher Una Carolan and the children of P2 class.  Friday was our first time meeting each other.

Here are a few pictures of our day:

We talked about what an artist does, how they might do it and why.

The children told me that an artist paints, draws, builds, arranges and can even use their belly to dip into paint and splash on the page! These were some great suggestions and we talked about why an artist does all these things and we came up with lots of ideas:

to tell a story

to make a picture

to have ideas

to say something

to describe something

because it makes them happy!

We spoke about what parts of the body an artist might use…

hands, arms, eyes, heart, brain……


Then I asked the children where might an artist keep all these ideas if there are too many for his or her head?


I showed the children some of my own sketchbooks and each group of children took time to look through them and tell me what they liked.


Here they are exploring the concertina sketchbook made during the earlier phase of the project with Miss O’Sullivan’s class of P5.




I then showed the children a drawing of my own hands made on a scroll of paper, so this was very long and we took it in turns to hold up the drawing at the front of the class. each child came to look closely at the marks and lines of the drawing

The children were so good, listening hard and offering their responses and asking questions, but were very excited to get doing something themselves so after lunch with the help of the classroom assistants, the children made their own sketchbooks using simple cardboard cover and coloured pages secured together with an elastic band.

Then after viewing the drawing of hands on the roll of paper, the children drew around each other’s hands and then explored the marks and lines on their own hands to include in their drawings.

Working in pairs to draw each other’s hand


Helping each other to draw the hands
Drawing the marks and lines of the hand


Hard at work and thinking!



What a lovely drawing!


Thats a great hand!


Each child wrote their name on the cover and decorated it with pictures.

Look at the fantastic work and happy faces. We look forward to meeting again – next time on-line!


proud owners of the sketchbooks!


Brian and Leonora show their work


More of the great sketchbooks and hands.
well done to everyone!
More great books and drawings
What hard work, well done!
Great work and lots of happy faces!

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