the opposite of virtual is ?

So I had my not virtual session on Friday. I usually blog on the day of the session so this entry is a reflective one and I have been thinking quite a lot about it. I felt surrounded by the energy of the 30 our more personalities. I was taken aback by the depth of connection established with the class virtually. So we gave it time and talked just talked for the first hour, they had so many questions. The question Eddie asked me was did I come in my tractor… I hadn’t the heart to say I didn’t have one.

So we talked about what we had experienced, what was their memory of it, and what did they hear..It was great to be able to converse with out the delay. I wanted to see how much of the concept and process’s they grasped and again I was struck by the depth of understanding and the vocabulary they used to express what they had experienced. We talked about the blog and made some drawings for the St. Thomas N.S. front page.

We made work, we experimented with mark making using paint on a large scale. When virtual it is about the concept and process,  in reality or what do you call it when you are not virtual? it is about first of all convincing security to let me into the car park! a cup of tea with the principal,personality, contact, questioning, hand washing, hands on heads, eyes on me, roll up sleeves, tie laces time, Grace, Troy, Barney, Eddie, Mary, Mercedes, speech therapy, muffin day, golden time, are you coming back time, phone calls from pirates, give back Sue time, guess what miss time?

I stayed on in the school so I could talk to Fran and Meadhbh. I got their photos and reduced them in size so we could make blog entries. I updated the class blog with images of the work they made during the past 5 weeks. It was good to talk and it established clarity especially in relation to the blog.

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