Should I stay or should I go now!

Should I stay or should I go now!

Technology let us down today. I could not log on to  elluminate  nor could Fran or  Meadhbh Adrian did not know how long it would be before the issue could be rectified, I decided to jump into the car…we already were 3/4 of an hour into the session. I had prepared a virtual session and had the journey time to shift my approach.

When I arrived work had already started. The marks we made last week were to form a backdrop to the work we would make today…they were our hills and we were going to bring them alive them with animals, trees, tractors, flowers etc…This theme linked in with their current curricular work.

We made our drawings and cut them out to stick onto the backdrop..


We talked about our hills and the work we made

We looked how folding and layering the drawings  made it 3d and not flat

Once we had reached this stage I would have liked to move into 3d work but time was not on our side.

Really beautiful exciting hills faded into the distance as I headed back to the studio. 








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