mapping- looking closely and looking again

stampsLesotho It is officially a Kingdom. It is a landlocked country and enclave completely surrounded by its only neighbouring country the Republic of South Africa. We stayed in a border town and every day as we travelled into Lesotho we had to go through border control and have our passports stamped. In order to travel into the Kingdom of Tallaght each of senior infants has been issued a passport which has to be stamped in order to begin our weekly virtual journey.Thank you Palissa for leaving us the parcel.

Making our passports

We talked about the features that make us unique.

The colour of our eyes, our hair, the texture and colour of our skin.

Our favourite animal, our favourite colour.

We talked about how we differ from one another. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

Tallaght Kingdom News Alert!

King Frissle welcomes you all. He has found his Queen! Queen Nicole!


IMG_0276 mapping

Looking closely very closely we looked at our hands and talked about the skinny scratchy curvy squiggly darty fat straight lines we saw.




IMG_0324 IMG_0313


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