Talking to a video and not getting answers

Bernie asked me last week where I worked and what does it look like. The internet connection is very slow in the studio space so I made a video tour of the studio and of the work I am making. See link above. Mark was working on a maquette for a large scale public art commission so he had a chat with the children from the kingdom. While the video was playing questions were asked but they were not getting answers. So we had to explain the difference between video and virtual. You don’t get answers from a video. I have promised that Mark will visit them virtually!

Google hang out is working really well on lots of different levels. By joining Google plus it has several apps that allow us share video, whiteboards, and screen capture. It is great to be independent in our means of virtual communication. The moving camera allows intimate connection with the participants on a one to one basis.

In the studio we are working on a sculptural installation for a school in Athy so on the floor in the studio was a flock of welded and fabricated steel. We talked about welding, warm and cold colours and then talked about the birds we see in the school yard.


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