So where are we and what are we?

Sesotho Design

Week 7 it has flown. So where we and what are are we. We are opening ourselves to working with a range of materials and visually building on a story that week after week prompts storytelling, crossing borders, colouring the skies, building an identity, expressing journey and learning about different culture, song and cultural identity. This visual journey is keeping alive my visit to Lesotho. Last week we launched the hanging of Imram which was made by Sesotho designs and designed by the Transition Year students in Pobal Scoil Chorca Dhuibhne.

Sesotho Design

What has happened just by chance is invitation to join our virtual journey and access to our newly formed kingdom has been given to other classes in St. Thomas Junior School. Last week it first class and their teachers. They worked in partnership with senior infants. It was an exhilarating virtual experience! It has prompted an interest and inquiry from other classes and second class are waiting for an invite! We will look at the weeks ahead and decide on a week that suits the flow and process.

Today our invitee was Mark. Mark who is a sculptor and featured in the video and your of the studio and caused all the frustration because he would not answer back.

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