Day One


We were a bit late launching Day One…Adrian had some technical issues his end unavoidable! Once we started and the sound and video tweaked things went very smoothly and all very excited!

We started by showing some pictures of my studio and its location. We talked about the difference between urban and rural. I talked about the sounds I hear in the mornings when I wake up the birdsong and the animals. Junior and Senior infants talked about the sounds that they hear. There was a lot of crying babies! My studio is isolated where they live they are surrounded by houses….

We then decided to start our journey together.. I wanted to choose a medium that would be appealing to the target age group that would trigger the concept of imagined journeys and also a medium that could physically connect with my studio and the school. So some of the bubbles made their way to my space. The bubbles are temporary but the memory of making the bubbles and the imagined journeys will inspire permanent pieces. When I make my own work I like action, movement and being physical with the medium I choose to work with.


Bubbles  How do we make bubbles? What happens when we blow bubbles?

they start to blow away    they start to pop    bubbles are soft

The class went outside and blew bubbles! The action of making bubbles together in itself is a collaborative work. We started our bubble journey.

We came back into the class room and talked about our bubble  journeys.

Jolene bubbles went to America and saw the flag

Calum’s bubble went to Old Trafford

Lynn’s bubble went to France and saw Disneyland

Shane’s bubble saw a match – man united won!

Jessica’s bubble went to America too

Kevin’s went to his house and saw a chair and his telly

Sean’s went  to space

Kevin’s went  to Germany

Grace’s went  to America

Eddie’s to the country

Jame’s wanted the bubbles to go to heaven

Josh’s went o to his house


They blew the bubbles so hard that the bubbles came into my studio…Junior and Senior infants were amazed to see the bubbles floating by and landing on my head!

Virtually the bubbles traveled…I would like to work on this concept further..

We drew a picture of the place where our bubbles travelled to using  chalk pastels, soft like bubbles on A3 Paper.






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Maree, Meadhbh and Fran visit Ballydown N.S. with Ann Virtually There

Very interesting day! Ann was exploring the concept of layering and brussel sprouts layers were peeled and drawn with fine detail. Then we looked at the meaning of horizontal and vertical lines and went outside to draw horizontal lines in the landscape.

We have come away with lots of ideas and ways of tailoring our approach to suit Junior and Senior infants in St. Thomas N.S.. It was really helpful that all three of us visited the school together.Judith and the school were very welcoming and thank you for their very generous hospitality….

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A visit to the school

Orla and and myself visted the school today to meet junior infants and senior infants and the Teachers  Meadhbh and Fran. We talked about what an artist is!

“Someone who does good colouring”

“Someone who paints brilliant things”

“Someone who does good writing”

“Someone who sticks things together”

So for the next few weeks we are all going to be busy sharing ideas making work and being artists.

Spring has sprung in St Thomas’s so while jnr and snr infants were filling their pages with colours and images of spring Orla, Meadhbh, Fran and I talked about the space,  what we anticipate, what we plan theme wise amongst other things. The space is great materials seem to be plentiful and varied and the atmosphere very generous spirited and open and excited!The three of us tomorrow will visit Judith’s and Anns school in Banbridge. I think this will be very imformative and will direct us in our appraoch.


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