Day 4: Patterns in the environment

This week Maree wanted to explore the idea of Patterns in the enviornment. She showed the children pictures of the landscape around her studio. they discussed the ploughed fields and thought about how the farmers made these marks in the land. Then the children set about making their own marks in sand boxes with a variety of different tools.















This was a lovely tactile exercise for the children and they became really involved in it.













When the children had practised their mark making in the sand they were giving big lumps of potters clay to work with. they loved the feel of the clay and really enjoyed working with it.

We discussed the contrast of the cold, wet, slimey clay and the dry, soft sand. The children decided they loved the feel of them both even though they were so different!








               The children were delighted to be getting stuck in to the clay and getting their hands dirty! Great fun!

They produced some great work as well as having fun!












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Day 3: A Magical Carpet ride

Today was such an exciting day for all the children!!!!

Last week they made their magic bubble squares and today we were to join them together to make a magic carpet!!!Maree had talked to the boys and girls last week about how they would be working together to make a big magic carpet! All week the children had been talking about the magic carpet!

“Where will we go?”    “Will we really get to fly? “

We have been reading a story about Winnie the Witch and her magic carpet in our classes and this has allowed the children lots of opportunities to chat about the carpet they are making with Maree.

The time was finally here, Maree was online and the boys and girls had a chat with her about last week, they talked about their bubble squares and the fabrics they used to make their bubble squares.

( The Children have become really familiar and comfortable chatting with Maree during the day and really seem to be enjoying the process! )

The boys and girls came up with their partners and laid their square on the ground. All the children placed their squares until a beautiful big magic carpet had been formed on the ground! The colours were amazing! The children oohed and aahed, delighted to see their work come to life!

 Look at the








Now came the fun part – going on the magic carpet!




We as teachers were a little apprehensive about this part – using their imagination is a hard concept for young children to grasp! To help the children they have made individual passports following on from their bubble journey and



















































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Day 2

We began our class with a review of our previous weeks lesson. The children remembered the fun they had blowing bubbles and following them on an imagination journey.
We went on to think about the shape of the bubbles. Everyone agreed that the bubbles were all the same shape but were many different sizes!

Maree then showed us how to draw our bubbles onto foam board. The children paired up and set to work drawing out their bubbles in many different sizes .






Next we examined the pieces of fabric Maree had sent in. Some were woolly, some silky and smooth, others were rough. The children had great fun feeling all these textures and imagining what the scraps of fabric may have been before they became scraps!

Then we bagan the task of filling our bubbles with the beautiful pieces of fabric! The children used pencils to poke the fabric into the foam board.


The results were quite dramatic and the children were amazed to see how they transformed their 2D bubbles into tactile multicoloured carpets!


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Day 1

Day One was very exciting and busy for us all.

We had a few teething problems with the elluminate technology which meant that Meadhbh and Maree were busy trying to fix the problems at the start of the lesson. Whilst they were doing that the children talked about where the artist Maree might be. The children’s imaginations ran wild as they tried to work out where Maree’s studio was.

The children suggested lots of wild and exotic locations, including America, England, Wicklow, Spain, The Jungle, Heaven and even Space!!

We showed the children the pictures of Maree’s studio and the view of Sheep and Lambs from her studio!

The children quickly realised that Maree’s studio must be on a farm! There was lots of excited chat about what animals Maree could see from her studio!

The children went on to discuss the views from their classroom window and also from their own bedroom windows. The children then drew a picture of their own on the cards Maree had given us. We had fun showing each other the different things we could see from our windows!

After our discussions we took the children out to the garden and had a great time blowing bubbles. We chased some and burst them, others we watched fly away up into the sky and imagined where they might be travelling to.



The children had great fun bowing and chasing the bubbles!!!!




The children closed their eyes and tried to imagine the journey their bubbles went on………

The children were shocked and delighted to see their bubbles arriving in Maree’s studio.

We talked about the journey our bubbles might have gone on to get to Maree’s studio.

The children used chalks and drew beautiful drawings of the places their bubble might have gone on its journey.

Here are some of the lovely drawings.















We really enjoyed our first lesson and we look forward to the rest of our journey into the world of virtual art!!


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