From virtual to the real

Myself and the teacher devised a plan that the virtual link up wouldn’t work, then i would knock the classroom door and enter! The look on the children’s faces was priceless!

From my point of view a ‘real’ time visit to the classroom affords the opportunity to connect to the children and teacher in a different way and explore the work created in more depth as it is located around the school.

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Ways of Seeing – Ways of Drawing

Ways of Seeing – a classic 1972 book and television series by the recently deceased John Berger (Jan 2017) provided a background to our session today. In discussion with the children we considered how we see and observe and how different we see/observe when our sight is channeled or focused.

In my studio and in the classroom we created tubes (emblazoned with symbols that reflect ourselves) then created 5 drawings within circles from various viewpoints.

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Slight deviation from ‘Distance’ today! The children have dressed as ‘Superheroes’!

Time for narratives, group working, decision making, drawing and storytelling!

Artist story:

Bad superhero kidnaps the cooks – so no lunch!

Good superhero needs to find the cooks, they are hidden away, eventually they are found, however, there is now only 5 minutes to lunch!

Quick, the good superhero decides to ‘rewind’ time – the cooks now have time to prepare lunch, all has been saved!

Superhero ‘Burgerman’
Strawberry Drawing


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