Scripts and Acting

Developing on from the last session, the children made some final finish touching to their masks, then there was frantic scribbling and discussion as they began to construct their script based upon their story. We had discussions about how many characters were in the group and how the story needed to be divided up so that each character was part of the story. After break some of the groups were ready so they began to act out the stories. The first groups story told of a recent trip to the Zoo and many masks featured animals. The next story was about healthy eating and masks reflected both human and fruit and vegetable characters. The acting out was great and was captured by the children themselves on iPads. The teacher also captured some footage and I will upload shortly. We also had a visitor to the class today, a teacher Stella who is a new teacher on the project, I think she really enjoyed the buzz and gained a lot from seeing the project in action. We will catch up in another session in a few weeks to capture some of the acted out narratives.

IMG_2820 IMG_2829 IMG_2831 IMG_2853

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Masks and Narrative

In rounding up the Strandtown TV theme we explored the development of narratives and aligned these to characters which were performed using masks. We had discussions about how to develop narrative and stories – the children had worked on this in the curriculum – so we had discussion about theme, start, middle, end, characters and how to go about the development whilst working as a group. Some great narratives emerged based upon happening within the school, one such story is based upon ‘healthy eating’ in the school and some great masks were produced including a ‘strawberry’ character. I had some great discussion with the group on-line with regards to developing their narratives and they were great at reading them out.

IMG_2779 IMG_2782 IMG_2786 IMG_2791 IMG_2796 IMG_2800 IMG_2802 IMG_2816 IMG_2818

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TV Magazine

In this session we began to develop content for a Strandtown TV Magazine. There was much discussion with regards to what should be put in the magazine. Examples were brought in form home as a guide and the children were soon up and running with some great ideas. We had an on-going discussion with regards to content and kept reminding the children that it should reflect the school and not general TV. One of the funniest articles for me was ‘Why Boys Don’t Like Shopping’ some great drawings and text to match. Once again myself and the teacher remarked on how many of the curriculum areas this class had embraced!

IMG_2560 IMG_2563 IMG_2566 IMG_2577 IMG_2597 IMG_2598 IMG_2600 IMG_2603 IMG_2621 IMG_2629 IMG_2637 IMG_2644 IMG_2647 IMG_2651 IMG_2656 IMG_2665 IMG_2686 IMG_2690 IMG_2691 IMG_2694 IMG_2700 IMG_2702 IMG_2704

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adding content – Storyboards

TV programmes often begin with storyboards and this was our investigation for todays session. Within their TV Channel groups the children began to develop storyboards based upon their channels, there was much discussion and design with regards to all of the channels, Nature, News, Sports, Cartoon, Movie, History, Comedy, Shopping Fashion and of course my own Art TV.

IMG_2374 IMG_2379 IMG_2381 IMG_2383 IMG_2385 IMG_2388 IMG_2390 IMG_2396 IMG_2398 IMG_2402 IMG_2403 IMG_2409 IMG_2413 IMG_2415

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TV Channel Logos

in this session we had a good discussion about advertising and logos, looking at several examples used on tv and in the media. working in the TV channel groups the children set off to develop a logo. In the studio i also began to create a logo based upon Art TV – the theme for my tv channel, which is based upon my studio.

IMG_2360 IMG_2362 IMG_2364 IMG_2366 IMG_2372

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Strandtown TV – channels and retro construction

Great to be starting back on the Virtually There project, can’t wait to see what the new group of children will create over the forthcoming weeks.

Our initial discussion today was about the theme for our project which is ‘Strandtown TV’. The children worked in groups and developed some great ideas for the TV channels. Of course we needed a tv to begin with, so with boxes at the ready, it was time to construct!

IMG_2292 IMG_2293 IMG_2297 IMG_2299 IMG_2308 IMG_2311 IMG_2314 IMG_2318 IMG_2321 IMG_2324 IMG_2327 IMG_2330 IMG_2335 IMG_2339 IMG_2343 IMG_2349 IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2356 IMG_2358

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Personal Place and Space

Now that are Dioramas are complete we have developed upon this to explore personal ‘place’ and ‘space’ and have taken the ‘bedroom’ as a theme to explore. This will be mapped and constructed within a cube, with an open viewing point (much like a dolls house). when completed the children will stack all of their work to create a giant sculpture (like a block of flats).

I began by hand-drawing my bed and have presented this as a 3D cut out, I have also begun to patina the walls and will add more components in the next session.

IMG_1483 IMG_1478 IMG_1477 IMG_1463 IMG_1461 IMG_1459 IMG_1424 IMG_1420 IMG_1414 IMG_1413

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