Last Session – Masks and Plays!

In Literacy this week the pupils have read play scripts. This has been great fun. In 3’s the pupils had to choose a nursery rhyme and turn it into a play script.  The pupils read over their scripts, then decided who would play the characters. Andrew asked the pupils to design a mask that they could use whilst reading their play to the class. There was great excitement in the room, everyone was busy. One boy suggested using a lollipop stick as a handle, this worked very well. The pupils really enjoyed reading their scripts to each other.

After Easter the pupils will paint their clay models. An open afternoon is being planned and parents will be invited along. The pupils have achieved so much, it has been amazing.

It was time to say, “Good bye!”

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View Finders!

The pupils thought about images and drawings which would represent aspects of their lives eg rugby posts, a hockey stick, a cello, a pet etc. They had to try to record as many as possible on an A4 piece of card. Andrew showed the pupils an example of some of his ideas. The pupils worked on their drawings firstly in pencil then  added colour using coloured pencils and crayons. The pieces of card were rolled up to make a view finder and secured with an elastic band. The pupils looked through their view finder and recorded what could be seen. They were able to capture at least 4 images. We all had great fun looking in different directions.

Next week is the last session with Andrew and he has asked the pupils to think about how it should evolve!

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Fun with Cups!

On the 24th of April 2017 the class linked up with Andrew in his studio in sunny Spain! Fridays are cherished in R23. Andrew chatted to the pupils about the structure of a story and how it is made up of a series of steps or stages. The pupils had to think about their own lives,  their family members, friends, hobbies etc. They then had to draw at least 3 images that reflected aspects of their lives. The images were coloured in and cut out. A small window was cut out of 1 plastic cup, the pupils’ drawings were carefully stuck onto another cup. This cup was inserted inside the cup with the window. As the outside cup was turned around the different images could be viewed. Without any prior planning the pupils had to think up a short story based on their drawings. The pupils were keen to tell each other their stories! Andrew then asked them to write their stories down. The pupils were keen to do this and a magical silence enveloped the classroom! All the pupils were on task and eager to make a written record of their ideas. This week’s activity had been a great stimulus for the pupils’ creativity. Another great session!

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On Friday Andrew joined with us again in R23 for another  session. He explained that the pupils were going to draw maps going in different directions from Strandtown PS. The compass points were discussed and each group assigned a particular direction. A long rectangular piece of paper was given to each group. Before anything was drawn the pupils discussed what buildings, landmarks, junctions etc they would find in their direction. The pupils worked collaboratively and shared out amongst themselves what had to be drawn. There was great excitement as the maps started developing. The pupils used markers,  crayons and old magazines to add depth to the pencil drawings. The pupils were very pleased with their creations! The maps will be worked on throughout the following week. Another successful session Virtually There!

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Fun with clay!

On Friday 3rd March 2017 we linked up with Mr Livingstone for another session. At the beginning of the lesson we explained what had taken place on the 24/2/17. The pupils had reassembled the 3D model of Strandtown PS and slotted in the drawings of the inside of the school building. The model looked very interesting and sparked off lots of ideas about what could be made to go inside. The pupils were given plasticine and time to play with it before starting their 3D miniature model. They came up with great ideas and were excited as they worked. Their models included computers, desks, chairs, pupils and even see through display cabinets! Some pupils showed Mr Livingstone their creations. He was very positive and interested in what had been made by the pupils.

He then went on to explain his plans for that day. The pupils would be using a material not yet used in Year 5 – CLAY! There was a buzz of excitement in R23. Mr Livingstone showed the pupils a few drawings of what he wanted them to make. He referred back to the self-portraits drawn before Christmas. The pupils were going to make a 3D self portrait out of clay. The pupils started with the general shape of their faces, then they added features to make the model more realistic. Mr Livingstone drew the pupils’ attention to each other’s faces and encouraged them to be realistic about the size, shape and definition of their facial features. The pupils spent quite some time on their clay faces shaping, reshaping, removing clay, adding clay and making marks in the clay. Each pupil’s clay model was unique and provided an opportunity for self and peer evaluation. The models were left to dry before being fired in the kiln. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this session which had gone by so quickly.


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On the Inside!

On the Inside!


The pupils linked up with Mr Livingstone for the last session before half term. Mrs Patton joined us as well. Mr Livingstone discussed the model made previously with the pupils. The pupils chatted about what could be seen on the outside and the inside of Strandtown PS. The pupils thought about the section of the school that they had made and what they could draw to show the inside of the building. They used a range of media to add detail and colour. They also had some fabric scraps which could be added to their drawings. As their drawings were being completed Mrs Patton hung up the pods which had been finished off. They look great! After half term when we link up again the pupils will be thinking about 3D models to go inside our model of Strandtown PS.

Happy half term!

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Friday – Art Time!

Friday 3rd February 2017

Today we linked up with Andrew again. Vanessa joined as well in class. Previously the pupils had visited one of the gardens in school and also went onto the pitches. They had explored the different spaces, took photos, talks about how they felt in each area and enjoyed being there. Last session had ended with the pupils starting to draw or write about their experiences in the 2 very different spaces. The pupils returned to their drawings/pieces of writing and added detail and colour to them. The images recorded on the 27/1/17 were looked at closely. Andrew explained to the pupils that they could cut out parts of the photographs and put these together with their drawing/writing onto a sheet of acetate. This could then be slotted into their pod made previously. Mrs Patton explained how to attach thread across the top of the pods and then smaller drawings could be hung from them. It is hoped to suspend the pods from the lights in the classroom! The pupils added in small pieces of coloured transparent paper to the pods. They look amazing and will be even better when suspended!

The pupils were on task, interested in what they were doing and keen to show Andrew their work in progress. As this was happening Mrs Patton took some groups of pupils to the Library and the Computer Suite. The pupils recorded images, drew their ideas and wrote down memories. These 2 areas contrasted with the 2 outside spaces looked at previously. The activities carried on into the afternoon and the pupils were really pleased with their finished pods.

Another great Art Day in R23 in Strandtown PS!

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Actually There!

Surprise Surprise! Friday 27th January 2017

Today we were ready to connect with Andrew, everything was good to go! Unfortunately the internet connection was faulty and we couldn’t connect up with him. (My story!) This was our face to face meeting day and the pupils didn’t know. After a short while there was a knock at the door. As Andrew came into the room he was met by a sea of shocked faces! A wave of astonishment swept around the classroom. The pupils introduced themselves to Andrew and then the fun really began. The pupils glued their drawings of the school to a box lid and assembled the boxes to recreate the main school building. One group had made the front entrance hall and PE Hall. The model looked great. Andrew discussed with the pupils what could be added to the inside.

Andrew explained the next activity which would involve the pupils moving to different locations inside and outside the main school building. Some of the pupils had a laptop for taking photographs and videos of each other and the sights at the various locations. The pupils could also bring back some items to the classroom to remind them of the location. They visited the garden and the front pitches and took photos and video clips. Back in class the pupils made  cylindrical pods which will be filled with photos, drawings, items etc. Some pupils wrote/drew about their experiences outside. The session had flown by so quickly. A great morning’s work!

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First session of 2017!

Andrew joined us today again from his studio in Spain. He asked the pupils what they thought of the project so far. They shared their thoughts which were positive and encouraging. One pupils shared how she liked the fact that there were no wrong answers! Andrew explained the next step which would be focussing on Strandtown PS. He asked the pupils about their knowledge of Strandtown PS. I questioned the pupils about key places around the school and the pupils were confident with their responses. Andrew explained his idea of a model to be made collaboratively representing the school inside and out. The pupils were assigned a “side” of the school in groups and 1 group would create the entrance hall. The pupils went out and had a closer look at the location they would be drawing. Once the pupils knew what their job was they were able to go ahead and begin. Mrs Patton drew the pupils’ attention to specific details eg brick patterns, colours etc. The pupils were on task for the duration of the session and added detail after detail! There was a great buzz in the classroom about the size of the windows, the colours of the bricks and the extra special features. Most pupils were keen to show Andrew their work. He replied to each pupil who showed their drawing with an encouraging remark or an interesting question. He took the time to repond to each pupil. Some pupils managed to add colour to their drawing with crayons. Mrs Patton demonstrated how colours can be blended to create a more realistic effect. Unfinished drawings will be completed before next Friday 27th January 2017. Another successful session with Andrew! There is great excitement about the stage of the model making process.

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