Session 8 – trying to tie everything together!

After the last session, Ms Kyle brought my attention to ‘trying to tie everything together’. I was really grateful to her for reminding me to consider the intentions, choices and actions of this project and ‘how’ we speak about what it is we are doing.

We have expanded our ways of working. These include movement, going outside, mark making on rolls, gathering natural materials, sensory exercises, drawing with particular attention to our hands.

I write Ms. Kyle an email. I want to try to become clear in our communication about what I feel is underpinning our work and where I wish our attention to be placed.

I write this… ‘bringing together the story of our dances, our drawings and our choice of colours (for our rolls and costumes). These are then all underpinned by sensory experiences and engagement with the outdoors and the seasonal changes that are happening around us.’

So I play and explore the layers and interweaving elements of our work together and I create a short video.

I also wonder if all children, Ms. Kyle and I can perhaps share our individual understanding and experiences of the work we are engaging in together. Is it possible for our container to hold a multitude of diverse understandings and experiences? Perhaps we are not all experiencing the same thing at the same moment.

Response time:

I travelled to the Burren in Co. Clare to attend a ‘Place-based Learning’ symposium with the Burrenbeo Trust, I attended a workshop by artist Karen Webster and really enjoyed some of her tasks. I have included some images here from her workshop.


Seeking to match colours from the environment we are in.
For one minute I closed my eyes and listened. I recorded all I heard through marks on this page.
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