Still and Not Still with P2 and Miss White

I feel our whiteboards for the last two weeks communicate our exploration around Still and Not Still clearly. And even though, for a first time, I duplicate journal content as P2 wanted our whiteboards up on their side too, I do feel it appropriate.

Still in a Not Still place

(N.B. Due to a software crash we lost a couple of whiteboards today. These represented my “tandem activity” in and around the studio – so I’ve decided I will make up boards communicating what I was doing – so the above whiteboard is a temporary substitute)

Ann Still North


Ann Still South

Ann Still East

Ann Still West

All these years and we’ve never thought of putting the webcam and mic out the window  – well done Miss Gordon!

And I get the chance to explore recording via the webcam for

P2 and Still in the playground.


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