Sharon the Saint!

So far my class and I are really enjoying our journey with Sharon, from Crossmaglen to Belfast, to Germany and then Belfast!

Sharon’s ideas are amazing and really capture the children’s imagination.  We particularly enjoyed seeing Sharon’s trip to Leipzig and our interpretation of her journey.

The children also enjoy using the different materials Sharon suggested, ie charcoal, and doing different rubbings of objects.

Sharon has the patience of a saint to put up with me though, as I’m often needed for music playing at Christmas plays, Confirmation, Confession, etc, many of her plans have ended up going awry as a result of our hectic school life.  She never complains however, and i’m so grateful to her for that.

We are all very excited to be meeting again with Sharon next Tuesday, to discuss where we go next in our ‘interpretation’ of the world around us.

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Water Distortions – 24th May

Sharon Kelly had a ‘real’ visit to our school.  It was a lovely sunny day, perfect for experimenting with water!!  The class enjoyed a fantastic lesson, in the beautiful sunshine and conservation area at our school.  It was great FUN!!

Here are some of our stories:

Shauna: It was a beautiful day, just perfect for getting your hands wet.  Sharon Kelly our art teacher for the Kids Own Project took P5 on an adventure you would love.  Sharon taught us about underwater distortions.  We got to use underwater cameras and took action shots under water.  We had great fun!

Thomas Og:  We had an art lesson with Sharon Kelly.  We went outside to the pond and took pictures under the water.  we saw lots of animals.  After, Sharon got her camera and a peep viewer, she stuck it on to the camera, it was cool!

Abi: We had an art lesson about water with Sharon Kelly.  She took us to the conservation area and we put our small toys into the pond.  We had waterproof cameras for taking photos of our toys in the pond.  We really enjoyed it!

Michael:  Sharon Kelly came from Belfast for our art lesson.  First she showed us the underwater cameras.  Then we went outside to the conservation area, put our items in the pond and took pictures with the underwater cameras.  After that we made ripples in the water.  Then we looked through the peep viewer.  When we looked through it the peep viewer made everything longer.  Then we drew what we could see.  It was a very, very hot day so we did our peep viewer drawings outside.

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Sharon’s real visit

We really enjoyed Sharon’s visit today…admist a very busy day (Easter egg hunts, all Ireland footballer visits, staff birthdays)…we managed to fit in a very calm session.

Sharon asked the class to think about different perspectives…so they were mice/ants…whatever would make them small….not giraffes!!! and took a different view of the classroom. the results were amazing in their sketch books and on such a busy day they were focussed and on task for Sharon. I was very impressed with their attention to detail…led by Sharon’s concertina sketch book from her trip to Canada! They have gained so much from her travels and we are grateful for her trip.

Sharon also ended up being “official photographer” for the Crossmaglen Footballers visit (much appreciated Sharon). great work today…we really enjoyed the session

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Canadian session

We had a really session with Sharon yesterday. She had travelled to Quebec and had some lovely images of landmarks in the city….such a change in climate too..though I have to admit  it was lovely to see the snow! The children had done lots of research on Quebec and were in the process of finishing up some very colourful fact files.

Thanks to Sharon the children feel that they have travelled with her sharing all the lovely experiences along the way!

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