Day Two Texture, Tactile, Textile

We reviewed last weeks work.

The theme and ideas were to be explored further this session using textiles and foam board. Interesting enough I uses to teach Fran in the N.C.A.D when she studied Textile Design.  The technology worked perfectly this week with no hitches I found we could interact together more fluidly.I used the whiteboard as means of recording the session and interaction with the children as they showed me their work.

I was very impressed by their ability to work in pairs. Collaboration with other artists has a big part to play in my own has its challenges. I left with Fran and Meadhbh a large bag of fabric remnants which they emptied on to the tables for the children to explore the colour, texture and feel of the fabrics.


The fabrics were shiny, colorful, smooth, hairy, rough, stripy and flowery.

We got our foam boards and pushed cut fabric into the board to fill the bubbles we had drawn. The boards were filled with colour and texture.

We tidied up and talked about today’s session.




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